Fake vs. Real Flowers: Which are Better?


For better or for worse, there are flowers for any and every occasion. They are loved universally and are used in many shapes and forms. The ultimate question- real or fake flowers- which are better? We have the answer.

In order to properly select the flowers that are right for you, you need to understand why people choose to embrace (real or fake) flowers and incorporate them into their lives. These are the main reasons.

Why People Like Flowers

The reasons may vary because people’s opinions vary. Some people love all flowers. Others may only appreciate a select few. However, regardless if you appreciate one flower over another, the reason behind the appreciation is often the same.

The most obvious reason for a person to like flowers is based on their appearance. Their color, shape and the style they fit into attracts the eye and appeals to different buyers. Flowers are visually appealing. Their various styles and textures fill a need when trying to meet a certain aesthetic. A flower’s look is its most desirable quality.

Flowers are more than their initial look. Their beauty is found to its depth. They have health benefits. This includes beneficial components to both physical and mental health. Perhaps, it is the warm fuzzy feeling that comes after receiving them or the natural energy boost that comes from existing with them. There is a unique connecting factor to emotion and the natural benefits of flowers.

A flower’s fragrance is another one of their desirable factors. In fact, floral fragrances are so commonly desired that they are extracted and repurposed into perfumes and lotions.

Choosing a Side: Real or Fake

There are several reasons as to why you would choose real or fake flowers. Everyone has their own unique preference, but there is a debate to be settled. Which side will you choose to be on?

There are many factors to consider before joining in on the debate. Like all important conversations, there is always a group of people steadfast on their opinions with little to no wiggle room. Although not a political reform, the debate between real or fake flowers is still circling social circles everywhere.

Like any intellectual conversation that should be had, it is best to be backed by the facts that support your opinion.

A More Permanent Solution: Fake Flowers

Permanent botanicals- as many florists call them- are substituting real flowers in vases and designs everywhere. Their surge in popularity can be found in their use in home décor, floral accessories or even wedding designs.

What made them so popular? Are fake flowers tacky? Just as real flowers have health benefits, permanent botanicals have a person’s health in mind. Not every person has the luxury of stopping to smell the roses. It is an unfortunate reality.

For the people out there, who so desperately want to enjoy the existence of flowers but are halted to avoid an allergic reaction, fake flowers may be their only option. Floral allergy causes an unfortunate limit to the interaction with these natural elements. However, fake flowers are an option for the people suffering that allow them to incorporate nature into their home or to accent an event without repercussion.

Another reason why fake flowers may be a preferred option is the fact they are a more permanent solution. Perhaps, a fake flower enthusiast enjoys sporting a flower crown or wants florals to remain in a permanent location in their life. Some people even opt for fake flowers for their wedding, so they can have them as a beautiful keepsake.

A More Natural Solution: Real Flowers

Flowers add color to the earth and variety to the landscape. Many people seek to become one with nature, or at least, to become closer to it. This makes real flowers the first choice among many consumers, as they add color to lives.

While real flowers aren’t permanent, they can still be preserved, so don’t let that sway you away from enjoying a freshly cut and styled flower bouquet. Air drying and book pressing are just two options to consider when looking to preserve flowers. These techniques, along with many others, will allow you to repurpose your fresh flowers to enjoy them longer than the initial joy of receiving them.

One of the most common reasons that real flowers are the preferred option for so many is their authenticity. Real flowers feel different, look different and have a self-made scent. While permanent flowers have progressed to look and feel more like their natural counterpart, and there are substitutes for floral fragrance; there is a noticeable difference between the two.

They fill up space. Real flowers don’t just convey a message when they are sent as a gift. They can convey a message right in your home. When a fresh bouquet is sitting on a kitchen table or proudly displayed in an office or room, it tells your guests that you appreciate a fresh and clean space.

A Floral Affair: A Choice to Make

Facts are facts. Flowers make a powerful impact. How a person chooses to embrace that impact is up to them. The floral answer is complicated, as not all flowers are created equal in the eyes of many. However, there are flowers out there that are right for you.

Should you give real or fake flowers? It is important to do your homework and talk with an expert regardless if you are choosing to invite flowers into your own home or are looking to share them with someone you care about.

Convey a healthy, positive and beautiful message with flowers. Our florists at Red Rose Flowers serving areas around Salinas, CA, are here to help any questions you may have. Although we are partial to the more natural elements of fresh flowers, we can and will help you when all your floral needs.

What do people want? Flowers’ existence in and of themselves pack a powerful punch. Who are we to say you need not share them in whatever way they work best for you?

Our jobs are not to question the floral answer you have made for yourself; it is to help fulfill the floral needs in your life. Our florists are on a mission. That mission is to make any home and every day a little more beautiful-with flowers- in whichever form you choose to embrace them.

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