Mother's Day for Pet Moms


A mother is not defined by the act of birth. Instead, a mother is defined by her actions. A mother gives love and provides shelter, safety and care. This is a natural instinct that brings out the best in us. For some, this relationship occurs with a child, but for others, the relationship is with a beloved animal.

There are all kinds of mothers, and Mother’s Day should not exclude any of the moms out there. Every mother deserves to be thought of and pampered on this special day.

This Mother’s Day, don’t forget there are all kinds of mothers, including those who are a mom to a pet. If you are wondering what to get her, don’t fret! We have many ideas for the mom who loves her pet.


The world online is full of options to celebrate every type of pet imaginable. Choose socks with her pet’s face on them or a customizable t-shirt. There are also leggings with different types of pets for the pet mom who likes to be comfortable.


When it comes to jewelry, one of the most popular options has always been friendship jewelry, specifically matching necklaces. Now, that can also apply to certain pets. There are friendship collars that come with matching bracelets for the pet mom. Note that not all pets wear collars. When in doubt, ask someone knowledgeable about what works for the type of animal.

There are many options for jewelry with different animal charms. Online retailers can even make custom charms from a photograph in different finishes. These gifts are relatively inexpensive but will mean a lot to the pet mom.

Bags and Accessories

Some pet moms like to go out and about with their babies. If the pet mom you want to surprise likes to go for walks, consider getting her a cute bag for outings. Choose a bag that is large enough to fit her essentials yet small enough to not cause a hassle. A bag with a spot for a water bottle is nice because pet moms like being able to carry water for her pet babies.

Another idea for a pet mom bag includes those moms of larger pets. Instead of a bag for mom, why not a bag for the pet to carry? Many dogs are working dogs. They may even love a challenge. If the pet mom you want to celebrate has a high energy dog, a backpack can be a great accessory to help burn off some of that excess energy.


Pet artwork and portraits are easy Mother’s Day gifts for the pet mom who shares photos of her little one on social media. Choose a pic you know she loves and select the type of art. From realistic portraits to more abstract or whimsical prints, a picture is worth a thousand words.

For the pet mom who likes to snuggle with her little one, consider a pet portrait pillow. There are also pet portrait blankets. Another idea that is an adorable gift is a t-shirt with the pet’s picture on it that comes with a matching shirt for the pet with the mom’s picture on it. It’s ideal for the social media-obsessed pet mom for Mother’s Day.

The great thing about artwork is it works for any animal. Know a pet mom with a small, delicate or more exotic pet? Celebrate how unique her pet is with a beautiful portrait.


Like any other mom on Mother’s Day, pet moms appreciate being acknowledged and appreciated. Flowers have always been a tradition for moms, so it makes sense that flowers would also be an appealing Mother’s Day gift for the pet moms out there.

If you want to send the pet mom in your life some love on Mother’s Day, our florists at Red Rose Florist & Gifts in Salinas, CA, would be glad to create an arrangement to celebrate the love she shares with her pet.

Items for her Pet

Useful items for her pet make thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for the pet mom in your life. Depending on what kind of animal her pet is, there are all kinds of items she might enjoy. There are toys and bowls. For some pets, there are clothes, leashes, collars, nail trimmers, beds and treats. For other pets, there may be perches, special lighting, shelves, hiding logs, tubes, balls and various other furnishings.

If you want to get a little more unexpected with your gift, there are pet activity trackers that work the same way their human counterparts work. Pet mom can keep up with her pet’s activity level and make sure her baby is getting enough exercise.

If her pet lives to eat, there are special slow down bowls that make meals more of a hunt for dogs and cats.

There are GPS tracking collars that can also monitor the pet’s temperature and cameras that can let pet mom dole out treats and talk to her baby while she is away. Technology has led to the creation of toys that encourage the pet to play while she is away that connects to a smartphone.

The best gifts communicate that you really know the recipient, so choose a gift that coincides with the pet mom’s relationship with her pet. She will appreciate the thought you put into the gift, and it will make her feel good to know that you care enough to celebrate her life as a pet mom.

Pets are family, and pet mothers deserve to be celebrated for the love they share. With more and more households viewing pets as members of the family, Mother’s Day is expanding to include pet moms. Don’t let this Mother’s Day go by without brightening the day of a special pet mom in your life.

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