The Latest Trends for 2020 Winter Weddings

Are you looking to get married in a short while or are you curious as to what your 2020 winter wedding would look like if you had everything set up? Well, those of you who are destined to marry the love of your lives will most likely be doing all kinds of thinking and research with regard to creating the perfect possible wedding. Weddings typically happen in the summertime due to the tradition of the community and due to the weather conditions – in most parts of the western world that is, anyway! Winter weddings are just as marvelous, and with the inspiration of movies like Frozen and many other Christmas stories, more and more people are opting for the wintertime!

A lot of fun can be had during a winter wedding – and a lot of different, unique aspects can be indulged in as many people in your circle or family will not have considered this kind of thing before. In this post, we’ll go over some of the latest trends for winter weddings in 2020 as well as a few other hot talking points.


Why Are People Initially Attracted To A Winter Wedding?

When it comes to a winter-themed wedding, the initial attraction is obviously the uniqueness and the chance to have a completely new kind of wedding. Those who wish to stand out and be away from the traditional methods would like this particular idea. There are many different specific reasons as to why people would enjoy the prospect of a winter wedding. The beautiful snowscape background during a magical event such as a wedding can only add to the feeling of purity while enhancing the aesthetics of the proceedings. Venues and services tend to be much better for those looking to spend money on a wedding in the wintertime, too. If a couple has a particular love for Christmas time, then this kind of theme can be utilized during the winter months.

What Typical Trends Surround Winter Weddings?

Winter weddings have seen an array of different trends come and go. Nowadays, people will think of the venue and choose something that is wonderful on the eye – as you’d expect. One of the extra pieces of the motivation behind the kind of venue they choose is the ‘Instagrammability’ of the place. If it looks good enough to post many wonderful shots of it on Instagram, then it’ll have the added x-factor.

Embroidered wedding dresses are also huge parts of winter weddings at this moment in time. When looking at the right winter wedding dresses for the big day, the embroidered ones are taking an awful lot of attention. We’re likely going to see more embroidery around towards the end of 2020 and, most likely, further on down the line afterward. Victorian dresses are also popular choices with regard to winter weddings.

With the current way in which we go about our daily lives changing so drastically, we’re continually accommodating new parts of society into life. A hugely important and popular aspect of winter weddings – and summer ones – are the fact that vegan and vegetarian menus will be part of the overall package.

What Are The Most Popular Winter Wedding Flowers?

One of the most wonderful sights during a winter wedding is the array of flowers and floral designs on show. Some of the most popular winter wedding flowers include Poinsettias – also known as Christmas flowers. The wonderful bright red/pink color of the Christmas flower arrangements against snowy white themes make for a beautiful contrast. Other than the Christmas plants, we have the likes of Casablanca lilies, forget-me-nots, amaryllises, and, of course, holly.

What Options Do You Have In Terms Of Décor?

The first thing you’ll probably think of when mulling over the décor is the winter wedding colors and the overall theme. You can, of course, choose whichever you’d like and personalize however you wish, but a winter wedding theme will usually consist of cooler, cold colors that are akin to that of the elements in the winter season. As it gets darker earlier, you might be interested in lighting up the place and creating a wonderful glow. Lighting the area up with candles might also be a nice touch – especially during the ceremony. Placing lots of different wedding wreaths down could also add to the cozy ambiance and atmosphere of a winter wedding.

Now that you are up to date on the latest 2020 winter wedding trends, take the next step and shop with us! Our florist team at Red Rose Flowers Flowers will help design any order small to big, here in Salinas, CA to assist our local community in their celebrations!

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